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Arch Linux - Switch to LTS kernel

Check you current kernel type:

uname -r

If it displays X.XX.X-arch1-X (or similar) this guide is for you

Install the actual LTS kernel

pacman -S linux-lts

Uninstall the original kernel

pacman -Rc linux

Do not confirm the un-installation yet, take note of the things uninstalled things (along with the kernel), and find the LTS/generic alternative.

When you found them, process, and install those alternatives

Rebuild Grub to make it use this new kernel (if you use Grub)

grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg


reboot now

Check you new kernel type:

uname -r

If it displays X.XX.X-lts (or similar) you successfully moved to the LTS kernel