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Starbound Modlist

This modlist is partially based on a personal modlist of 100 mods I originally made back in early 2017. It is also lightly based on the officially recommended mods on the Frackin' Universe wiki: and on the modlist used on the Frackin' Universe Official Game Server:

The result is an highly curated modlist focused on Frackin' Universe (and the mods they officially recommend), it is kept reasonably small, because Frackin' Universe is a massive mod, that already include features from other mods, it even include some independent mods that were completely "merged" with it:

No races mods (other than "Elithian Races Mod" that also include a lot of new content) are included since they usually require multiples patch to be compatible with everything else (especially Frackin' Universe), and are usually player-specific. If you do want to play a modded race, don't forget to get the various compatibility patches needed.

This modlist is made for a play-through in the Casual difficulty, if you want to play in any other difficulty, you won't need "Hunger Enabler for Casual Mode" (but having it won't hurt).

Links to the Steam Workshop are provided, because (sadly) some mods are only available there.

All mods can be downloaded from it (with SteamCMD), but you have to own the game on Steam, most of the mods include download links outside of the Steam Workshop, and the remaining one can be downloaded with the various web services allowing users to download Steam Workshop mods.